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Real Estate & Market Updates

Despite interest rates, despite lower inventory, did you know NOW is still a GREAT time to buy a house? Give me a call, let's discuss! (407) 501-4546

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Living in Celebration, Florida is a DREAM COME TRUE! I love living here. The town that Disney built is a magical place in itself. If you love the feeling of small town living, a sense of community and knowing all your neighbors, and having Walt Disney World in your backyard-- this might be the place for you! Call me, let's discuss! (407) 501-4546.

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Updated: Sep 9, 2022

If you are in Albuquerque please visit and grab some FroYo from Menchies to support this GREAT cause. 100% of the proceeds from 3 of the 4 Menchies in town are donating to the families of the fallen heroes of Metro 2. My brother was on that helicopter and died in the crash and this money will help support his wife and my nephew. Thank you!

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